“Photography is a gift. You don’t take photographs, you’re given them".”

- Stephen Dupont, Tales by Light


One sunrise, I found myself photographing engagement portraits in the enchanting foothills of the Himalayas. It was a moment I’ll never forget, as the sun peeked over those snowcapped peeks + I drew my camera toward me while a super in love couple cuddled + kisses. Just three years prior, I was working at a doctor’s office with only a cheap point + shoot camera to my name with no thought of ever pursuing photography. Crazy where life takes you when your husband puts a Nikon in your hands + the first photography mentors you can find are google + youtube.


I have been married to Mike, a bearded mountain man from Wyoming, for eleven years. We have a ridiculously awesome boy babe named Pax Michael Mitty. We named him in hopes that he would always know deep peace in his heart, that he would have courage + a love for adventure. We’re restoring a small farm in New Jersey + figuring out if it’s actually possible to train a Great Pyrenees (our pup, Meadow is the best-worst dog of all time. Send help!).

I believe that very few things will not be cured by a rerun of The Office. Naps used to be my best friend, but then I went + had a baby so we had to break up. I eat a lot of jello + read a lot of Harry Potter. Fresh flowers are a must in my home at all times. I want to buy everything in Anthropologie. I really don’t need glasses but think I look really cute in them. I ran into Tom Selleck once (quite literally) + it was magical.

I do not take the humbling task of documenting a wedding day lightly. Every beautiful face, every giddy laugh, every fear about weather, every final button on the wedding gown, every ugly cry, every awkward dance move, every glorious bouquet, every sweet or tense family moment, every nervous breath before walking own the aisle, every cake smashed into faces, every chair lifted off the dance floor, every promise made + every first moments of your forever…they are gifts that I see + gifts that I tuck inside my heart. This is why I am a wedding photographer.

Bueno : Jesus, vinyl, baby animals, floral gin + tonics, getting “rick-rolled”, being my own boss, mountains, black leather, polaroids, hip hop, giving presents, rainbows, airports, getting presents, reception floor dance-offs, music on 24/7, grapefruit scented candles, Harry Potter, passport stamps, art history, pretzel day, string lights, mismatched everything, jello, the heartbreakingly beautiful city of paris, #bachelornation, when cats make muffins, wine, really good hair days, vintage chairs, kurt vonnegut

No bueno : being cold, when hollywood gets political, no time for portraits, the way newspaper feels, dance floor farts (it happens a lot), bridezillas, groomzillas, momzillas, weddingplannerzillas, DJzillas, venuezillas (basically everyone calm down), seafood, singing in public, uninvolved grooms, milk, sitcoms, waiting room magazines, that one time a teenage girl asked me if the spice girls were a food blog, socks with sandals, putting cutlery away, the cupid shuffle + losing my keys forever.